If you’re a community-focused non-profit based here in DC, you need to take a look at NBC Universal’s Project Innovation grant program! According to their website, “In 2021, Project Innovation will award nearly $3.5 million to non-profit organizations in 11 NBC and Telemundo owned television station markets that are tackling everyday problems through innovative solutions.”

NBC 4 here in Washington, DC is part of the program, so if you’re a non-profit focused on serving the people of DC, you should absolutely take a look.

Applications are open right now! The deadline to apply is February 12, 2021.

Project Innovation Grant Categories

Culture of Inclusion

Programs that encourage equitable access, opportunities, and resources for traditionally underrepresented communities.

Youth Education & Empowerment

In-school and out-of-school programs that equip youth with the tools they need to succeed, including STEM/ STEAM education and youth entrepreneurship.

Next-Generation Storytellers

Programs that promote access and develop pathways for emerging talent, diverse voices, and underrepresented youth to explore careers in arts, news, sports and entertainment.

Community Engagement

Programs that enable individuals to engage and volunteer in their communities.

Volunteers getting to work to help others, photo by Joel Muniz

Our Advice for a Winning Application

Be Personal! What connects YOU to your organization’s mission?

Be Passionate! Why does it matter to you, why do you go the extra mile to make a difference?

Be COMpassionate! What is it about the community you serve that’s so special? What is it about the people you serve that sets them apart?

Be Detailed! Bring the audience IN to your organization, your day to day activities that make the biggest difference. What is it about your approach that has guaranteed such spectacular results?

Be Compelling! Make us feel like we’re part of the action so we can’t help but be drawn into your mission, your goals, and your organization as a whole. You want to make everyone feel an intense sense of FOMO; no one should want to miss out on the amazing work that you’re doing.

Be Forward-Thinking! What will you use the grant funds for? How much of a difference will it make to your organization and to the people you serve? Give real-world, concrete examples of how their support will mean a world of difference in your community.

Be Inclusive! Finish off with some words of encouragement from people who have been directly impacted by your organization. Sure, you could toot your own horn. But a big band will always be more impactful than a solo act, so bring in that chorus of people whose lives you’ve improved! Let your work and your impact speak for itself.

Good luck & as always, if you need help preparing your application, please feel free to reach out to us at Perfectly Pitched today!

We’ll do our best to make sure your application presentation looks beautifully cohesive and tells your organization’s story in a compelling and engaging way.

Now get out there & keep being amazing!