Perfectly Pitched, a SHE Certified™ Company - SHE Owns™, SHE Makes™, SHE Runs™ - Learn more at

Perfectly Pitched is thrilled to announce that we are officially a SHE Certified™ Company! We’ve been recognized for all three of their marks, covering SHEowns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEruns™, certifying that we are woman owned, woman run, and our creative endeavors are powered by women.

(And if we may add, they’re all pretty damn impressive women at that!)

We were thrilled to learn about the SHE Marks through our new partners at StartOUT & without hesitation instantly applied for their certification program. As soon as we saw them, we knew we’d found kindred spirits in the fight for gender parity & the fight for equity!

Here at Perfectly Pitched, we’ve long been dedicated to using our skills, talents, and experience to help support other female, non-binary, and minority entrepreneurs. Our founder has been the woman told by an investor, “Your company’s amazing, we’d love to invest, but… come back when you have a male co-founder.” We don’t want anyone to face that kind of backwards, discriminatory nonsense, yet it happens far too often in the venture capital world. It’s precisely that kind of nonsense we’re passionate about fighting, by giving anyone who’s ever been held back the leg up they need to catch up to — then zoom ahead of — the competition. 

All About SHE

The Syndicate for Human Equity, Inc., or SHE, is a benefit corporation specializing in the certification of companies that have at least 50% representation of women and/ or gender diverse individuals in varying levels of the workplace – management, creative, and/or ownership. SHE’s mission is to make gender equality an everyone issue, one SHE Certified Company at a time. Businesses that meet SHE’s objective standards can verify that information by applying to become certified in one or more SHE Mark – SHEruns, SHEmakes, and SHEowns.

SHE Certified companies are shaping the future of work by reaching gender parity in the workplace, and we are honored to have been Certified SHEowns™, SHEmakes™, and SHEruns™. To apply for certification or learn more about SHE, visit

The official Certified SHE Mark triple certification

We’d love to send an extra big shout out to the entire team at SHE for being so generous with everyone in the StartOUT community, and of course, for all of the amazing work you’re doing in the fight for equality. Thank you! We’re thrilled to be part of your movement and we hope we’ll make you proud as we rep our pride at being a SHE Certified™ company!