An empty chair in front of a laptop, showing off code, with the words, "ThinkNimble Academy - Tech skills for non-technical entrepreners; Claim your seat"

Our friends & partners over at Malloy Industries shared an exciting opportunity from ThinkNimble Academy that they thought you might be interested in!

Are you a non-technical entrepreneur involved in a tech company? 

For non-tech folks who are learning how to build a tech product, it can be a lonely road. You don’t need to build tech, but you do need to talk tech. And for people who haven’t built tech before, you need to learn that skill set quickly. ThinkNimble is building a community of folks who are going through that process together. 

It’s not an accelerator, and it’s not a course. It’s a peer-led community of non-technical people who commit to learning how to build tech startups together. 

ThinkNimble will be hosting curated working groups where you can work on tech ideas together, inviting experienced industry professionals to host Q&As about tech, and sharing resources on how to build that tech product of your dreams. They are starting with a group of around 50, and applications are open now. The only criteria are you must be a founder of a tech startup looking to level up your product skills and willing to participate actively in a community. 

This is a great opportunity to not only expand your skill set, but also to network and meet other entrepreneurs just like you! So what are you waiting for? We’re holding the chair out for you, all you need to do is claim your seat!