Perfectly Pitched - Today I feel grateful - Thank you to WomensNet Amber Grants for naming Perfectly Pitched as a Meritorious Business Finalist for January 2022

I am so thrilled, honored, and humbled to announce that WomensNet has chosen Perfectly Pitched as a Meritorious Business Finalist for their January 2022 Amber Grants program! That means we’ll be guaranteed at least $1,000, but may still be chosen as the grant prize winner of $10,000! 

Having started this business less than a year ago, I never could have imagined just how quickly it’s grown, how many founders we’ve been able to help, and that in such a short period of time, we’d be lucky enough to be recognized by an organization as prestigious as WomensNet. “Thank you” just doesn’t feel big enough!

WomensNet Amber Grant January 2022 Finalists

ABS Protein Pancakes
Momkindness Ink
Perfectly Pitched
One Fun
Terrior In a Jar

It’s astounding to see the other remarkable finalists I’m fortunate enough to stand alongside. These companies are run by some truly inspirational women & I feel so lucky to be counted among them.

There’s Ashley from ABS Pancakes, selling protein-packed delicious pancake & waffle mixes to make your mornings healthy & delicious.

Meet Molly & Kyle, two moms with 7 kids between them, who created Momkindness Ink, offering stylish, impactful accessories for busy Moms on a mission.

Alli is making hand-washing fun with One Fun & their absolutely awesome Splatz Hand Soap! Now, with hand hygiene more important than ever, Splatz can make each trip to the sink an adventure.

Last but not least, Tabitha from Terroir in a Jar transforms unsellable farm goods into shelf-stable gourmet products, fighting against food waste and generating value that would otherwise never materialize.

As an entrepreneur who loves other entrepreneurs and lives to support early social enterprises, this is an absolute joy! I love seeing all the amazing things these ladies are doing and I’m overjoyed to be standing alongside them.

One of us will be lucky enough to win $10,000 this month to support our businesses. While of course I’m still crossing my fingers and hoping it’ll be me, each of these ladies are worthy and will do such impactful, vital work if they win the grand prize. All finalists will get at least $1,000 and whoever’s lucky enough to win the $10,000 will also be eligible to win Amber Grants’ yearly $25,000 prize. Such exciting stuff!


Proud to be Part of the WomensNet Family

Delicious s'mores pancakes from ABS Pancakes
Splatz Hand Soap from One Fun
A gorgeous backpack from Momkindness Ink
The ladies in the kitchen of Terroir in a Jar
Perfectly Pitched offers a 25% discount for winners & finalists of WomensNet's Amber Grants program!

WomensNet has been awarding grants to women entrepreneurs since 1998; you can imagine just how many impressive women have been part of the WomensNet family over the past 24 years! I’m honored to be counted among them and eager to give back.

Thus I’m excited to announce Perfectly Pitched will be offering a 25% discount on all services for each & every winner & finalist of the WomensNet Amber Grants! It’s my way to say thank you to WomensNet for their faith in me and to continue paying the kindness forward.

One last time, a deep & heartfelt thank you to everyone at WomensNet! Thank you for your investment in my work to support early stage social entrepreneurs and level the playing field for minority founders. I hope to make you proud as a member of the WomensNet Amber Grants family.

If you’re a female entrepreneur, please head straight over to WomensNet and apply for the Amber Grants program now! They give away thousands upon thousands of dollars each and every month. Who knows, the next winner might just be you!

Thanks, Heather