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Don’t miss your chance to attend “The Art of Pitching” class for FREE!

Our partners at PitchMasters are hosting a special full-length edition of our class all about pitching, presenting, and building the perfect slide deck on April 20th at 11:00AM eastern. Best of all, it’s presented 100% free of charge! This is your chance to enjoy our hit class which is normally reserved only for our exclusive incubator, VC group, and university clients.

Best of all, the class is presented virtually, so you can attend from anywhere; learn all the secrets behind our award-winning pitch decks, even if you’re wearing your pajamas at home! This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your pitching skills, and learn how to make your slides even more impactful.

With ‘The Art of Pitching’, you’ll learn:

how Steve Jobs became a master communicator,

how to command a stage like Beyoncé,

and how to build a deck worthy of the star that you are!

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At the event, you’ll join Heather Lawver as she explains fundamental principles behind pitch decks vs presentations, as well as tips and tricks for powerful presentations all based in neuroscience and psychology, which will help you better understand precisely why people like Steve Jobs & Beyoncé are so effective at commanding the stage. (Most importantly, how you can command the stage just as effectively!) In this special full-length edition, you’ll also learn how to actually construct a compelling pitch deck! There are a lot of misconceptions around pitching and we’ll break them all down, all to ensure that you’ll feel confident and in command of your next audience. 

Don’t miss it and please be sure to use the graphic below to make sure everyone in your network can join too! Our thanks to PitchMasters, NEXT by Shulman Rogers, the Maryland Tech Council, and Seed Spot for sponsoring this wonderful event.  And to you, thanks so much and we can’t wait to see you at PitchMasters on April 20th!

Perfectly Pitched & PitchMasters by NEXT by Shulman Rogers invites you to a special full-length edition of the top-rated class "The Art of Pitching"! Get your free ticket to this virtual event by signing up at